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Greta, I pray they do not put the cat to sleep. I have several cats, and I find it hard to believe that the cat attacked for no reason. I am sure it has been provoked in some way. The cat owner needs to take the people to court for harassment. I can't believe that someone would go that far. Terri Taylorsville, KY. Hi, Greta, Just want you to know that I'm with you all the way in support of Lewis the cat.

Everyone who has ever had a cat and loved it knows that each of these animals has his or her own special personality and a lot of attitude — I like to call it, "Cat-atude. I cannot STAND people who think an animal should take whatever is dished out to it without fighting back. It is well known that people who abuse animals become some of the most violent criminal offenders in our society, i. I say the community Lewis lives in would be better off to relieve itself of the abusive neighbor and to welcome Lewis with open arms.

Any judge who cannot see this deserves to have O'Reilly nipping at his or her heels! If your viewers can do anything at all to help Lewis, please let us know. Lynn Repinski. Hi Greta— Obviously Ruth Cisero's neighbors are not cat people, and I can understand how they would be upset by being attacked by a "mini-fridge" like Lewis. Pet owners need to understand that in most cities, there are ordinances against letting cats roam freely, just like dogs.

On the other hand, you cannot keep a cat indoors if it wants outside. They can slip through a door unnoticed when you open it. Our cat can even open our screen door by itself!

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The solution here, instead of killing the poor guy or putting Cisero on trial, seems simple — work out a plea deal to get Lewis declawed and neutered if he isn't already and get some invisible pet fencing to keep him from roaming around. Chances are he already believes that the neighbor's yards are his domain and when approached, he feels threatened. Oh, and FYI — you should never approach a cat if it is crouched, it's fur is puffy, its ears are folded back or it's growling.

If you are attacked, try to grab the cat by the scruff of its neck - that will stop it cold. Sarah a cat person Ankeny, IA.

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I am appalled at the woman demanding the cat's life. Lewis is a domestic cat not a mountain lion or full-grown tiger. It would not surprise me to learn that these women were antagonizing Lewis in some way. I have always had animals to care for and do believe they should be looked after and kept track of at all times. Perhaps Lewis' owner should make it a point to keep Lewis indoors.

He would be safer from the neighborhood bullies. Barry Cadillac, MI. Hi Greta, If the owner of Lewis the cat, really cared about him, she would keep him in the house. I have two cats who I love like they are my children, and I never let them outside.

Skilling v. United States, 561 U.S. 358 (2010)

It also keeps the cats from killing birds and keeps the cats healthier by being indoors. Dear Greta— 1 Having a cat, dog, and son — and calling each one by the other's name. No kidding!!

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The coffee is on its way, Greta. I also enclosed a mug. Also, a sure sign of rude stupidity — grievous personal insults, i. Respect and support, Mick R.

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Alta, WY. I am usually very careful about locking my doors, but twice in the last few years I got home really late and went right to bed, and then in the morning I opened the front door to get the paper and realized I left my keys hanging in the door. Just a week ago I got home really late, opened the back door to let my dog out, and realized in the morning that I went to bed without ever closing the door.

Dear Greta, Here in Wausau we have a leash law for dogs and cats. They can't be running around on their own. What I don't understand is why that owner doesn't keep him in the house. As a cat lover, my husband and I automatically reach down when opening our door, because we know kitty will be there planning an escape. Our veterinarian said cats don't have to go outside. If they never go out, it's easier on them if they are allowed outside sometimes. Sure the meowing gets loud every spring, but the cat will get over it and accept being a housecat.

We have a blind kitty, blind from birth. He is remarkable.


Hard to know he is blind. When my husband is outside sitting in lawn chair we let kitty out, with flea protection. But he is constantly watched and if heads toward leaving our yard he is promptly put back in the house. He has chased rabbits and chipmunks never caught one , just a remarkable animal.

Greta, I had to laugh at that one. A couple years ago, I was a chaperone on my daughter's choir trip to Chicago. After a night at the comedy club we went out and I got on the bus. I started walking done the aisle not recognizing anyone. They asked me if I was a new passenger and I asked where they were going. They said Branson, Missouri. They were a friendly bunch and wanted me to join their group, I proceeded to get off the bus.

The choir kids got a big laugh out of my adventure. Leaving for that same trip, it was an early morning, a deputy from the Sheriff's Department had the drug dog there to sniff the suitcases. I asked him what the dog does when he spots drugs. The deputy proceeded to spell out S.

I asked him what that stood for? I say have the neighbor de-clawed and its fangs removed! What a Grinch!

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Michelle Dallas, TX P. No body better take little Mike to court! I'd be first in the picket line! Greta, A year and a half ago in the dead of winter I dropped my son at pre-school. Most parents leave their cars running while doing this, as it is cold and dark. I returned to my car got in, backed out, drove about twenty feet and realized it was not my car. It was the same make, and model however. I returned in time to see a stunned dad looking at me.

Baby flying-fox in care: this is Caltrops on day 16-17

When I pointed to my identical car he just laughed.